API Reference

Learn more about our available endpoints at Gameball needed during integration.

The API base URL is below with v3.0 as our current version.


The REST API is organized around the following endpoints:

API Area

Resource Area



The player API is responsible for creating new customers at Gameball as well as updating customers' data at Gameball.


The event API is used to submit user events to Gameball.


The transactions APIs are responsible for all the customer's points transactions.


The Order API is used to track a new order. This endpoint is designed specifically for E-Commerce Solutions.


This endpoint allows you to retrieve the customers' leaderboard for a given date range. It can also be used to get a specific customer's rank among all customers.


The Notifications API can be used to list the customer's notifications and also to update its status once read.


This endpoint allows you to retrieve your configured settings on Gameball account which can be used while creating your custom UI for the customer profile on your website or mobile app.


Batch operations are used to make multiple one type operations with one request.

Next, check each section to learn more about how to use each API area.

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