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Gameball creates a unique referral code for each player created. This helps you build and track referrals program.
The unique code is concatenated with your website URL configured on Gameball dashboard (Click here to learn more) to form the Player Referral Link.
For example if you have configured your website URL to be the referral link for Player "John Snow" with referral code code123 would be
Your players can then exchange their referral link with their referrals so that they can get rewarded for their referrals if they signed up and fulfill the requirement as configured on your referral program. Every player will be able to find the unique referral link on the referral tab inside Gameball player profile widget
Check this article to learn how the referral module will appear in your players' profile on Gameball widget.

Tracking Referral Signups

When a referral lands on your website with a referral link
You can detect that by checking URL query strings for ReferralCode. If detected, you can then store the ReferralCode value on the user's session or leverage the browser local storage, session storage, or cookies.
Once the guest referral sign-ups, you can then send the ReferralCode along with the sign-up data of the new player via the Create Player API.
Below is a sample API call to create a new player "Aria Stark" that is being referred by Player "John Snow" with referral code code123
curl -X POST -H 'apiKey: {{Your_API_Key}}' -d '{
"displayName":"Arya Stark",
"firstName": "Arya",
"lastName": "Stark",
"referrerCode": "code123",
}' -v -i ''

Tracking Referral Using Widget

If you have embedded The Gameball Profile Widget into your web page, you can relay on it to handle referral for you. The widget will internally
  1. 1.
    Check for ReferralCode query parameter in the URL
  2. 2.
    Store it in session storage
  3. 3.
    Send it along its parameters when a new profile is created.
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