Go-Live Checklist

Use this checklist to ensure a smooth transition when taking your integration live.

If you are a developer, or had a developer perform an integration for you between your web application and Gameball. You should also consider the following items before going live.

During development, you can use your account Test Key to authenticate your requests. Once integration is completed and validate you can swap to Production API Key.

Step 1 : Install Gameball SDK

If you will be using Gameball in-app notifications

Step 2 : Initalize Gameball SDK

Step 3 : Gameball Customer Profile (Widget Integration)

👑 If your building your own UI components to maintain your branding

For information please read more at Build Custom UI.

Step 4 : Tracking Customer events

For information please read more at Tracking Customer Events.

Step 5: Setup Firebase Messaging Service

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