Track Customer Events

Start sending your customers' events on your app to Gameball, along with any metadata that describes the event. Depending on your Gameball programs configuration, the customer can be rewarded based upon the sent events.

Tracked events can be app events or server-side events depending on how you would like to design your programs. App events can be sent via the available SDK interface and server-side events can be sent to Gameball via the Track Events API.

Every Track Event call records a single customer action which we call “events”. We recommend that you make your event names human-readable, so that everyone can figure them out instantly.

Event metadata are extra pieces of information you can tie to events you track. They can be anything that will be useful while designing your program.

For more information about events and usage examples, check Tracking Customer Events tutorial.

To send Customer events from your app to Gameball, you can use the sendEvent method as shown below.

SendEventinterface sends an Eventobject to Gameball, where the Eventobject is a wrapper holding a single or list of events. To add an event, you should use the sendEvent method and pass to it theEventobject you have created.

SendEvent is a builder class that helps in creation of the Event with the common attributes mentioned below, all of these attributes are optional to use.

Event event = new Event.Builder()
        .AddEventMetaData("purchase_price", 19.99)

Send the Event

Using the previously created GameballApp instance or by creating a new one, call the SendEvent() method as shown below.

gameballApp.sendEvent(event, new Callback<Boolean>() {
    public void onSuccess(Boolean aBoolean) {
        // TODO Handle on success result

    public void onError(Throwable e) {
        // TODO Handle on failure result

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