Show Gameball Player Profile
Show your players's profile including all details and progress on your iOS app.
Using the SDK, you can open the Gameball player profile from a button in your app, programmatically when someone does something, or from a persistent button that sits over your app’s UI.
When you trigger the Gameball player profile, your player is presented with a home screen. This is configurable inside Gameball to change how it looks and what’s presented.
From there, your player can check his progress across different Gameball programs as per your configurations.
Gameball’s views are accessible through the code below. You just need to use it on any button action.
//Change the APIKEY , Language , player ID based on your references
gameball.launchGameball(withAPIKEY: <YOUR_API_KEY>, withPlayerUniqueId: <YOUR_PLAYER_UNIQUE_ID>, withLang: lang) { (GBVC, error) in
guard let gameBallVC = GBVC else {return}
self.present(gameBallVC, animated: true, completion: nil)
Once the APIKey and playerUniqueId have been registered, Gameball views can be made visible to the player.
The below is description of Initialization params
Client API key
Unique identifier for the player in your database.
Could be database ID, random string, email or anything that uniquely identifies the player.
Your platform language preference to view Gameball Widget with.
Note: The language provided should be as per configured languages in your account.
Example: "en", "fr".
Everytime the Gameball View is initialized with a new PlayerUniqueId , the player profile is created or updated at Gameball side. You may consider enriching your Gameball's player profile with attributes that are not avialable to the UI by using server side Create\Update Player API
Choose an Unchangeable Player Unique ID
Gameball user profile gets created using the playerUniqueId. It is highly recommended to have the unique ID as an identifier that would NEVER be changed. If this unique ID changes for a given player, you risk losing all original data for that player and hence losing their points and rewards on Gameball. Accordingly, it is NOT recommended to use email address or mobile number as the unique ID as both can be changed by the user at anytime.
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