Enable Redemption

Now your POS system is nearly fully integrated with Gameball; your customers are registered at your POS with Gameball, their orders are being rewarded, and refunds are also managed and accompanied for accordingly. However, to finalize your Gameball integration your customers have to be able to gain the benefits provided by your program, and engage with your business.

This is what we call Redemption, through which your customers are able to claim their collected rewards in the form of discounts or other benefits which they gain as your loyal customers.

There are multiple ways to allow your customers to redeem their points at your in-store POS system, however they all follow the same scheme:

  1. Customer approaches in-store POS to purchase a product, and requesting to claim their own points for a discount

  2. POS clerk requests the customer to introduce their identity, and inputs these details into POS

  3. POS system uses the customer's identity to determine the customer's unique identifier (playerUniqueId), and displays the customer's profile and balance to the POS clerk via Customer Balance API

  4. POS clerk verifies that the customer has enough points to redeem in return for the claimed reward (discount)

  5. POS clerk submits the requested discount, along with order details to the POS system. Then, your POS system will communicate with Gameball registering the customer's order and claimed discount via Order API

  6. Gameball will then verify the customer is legible for the claimed discount or not, based on which the Order request will be successful or fail

In the following subsections we're going to explore with you several options on how you could provide redemption service for your customers at your in-store POS.

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