Redemption Integration Options


Redemption is one of Gameball's core features. It allows your customers to redeem and use their collected points as discounts while placing new orders on your system, which encourages your customers to spend more money on your company.

Let's take an example: you are a food-delivery startup, and you have a customer called Adam. Adam is a loyal customer who has made over 10 orders this month, accumulating 1000 points in his points balance account. As Adam is a loyal customer, you want to reward him by giving him the option to redeem his points for whatever coupon(s) he wants. In his next order he will get either a percentage discount coupon, i .e :10% off or free shipping coupon or any other coupon types supported by Gameball.

Throughout this guide, we will explore the available options to integrate the redemption feature into your business and decide which option matches your current infrastructure and your needs as a business.

Redemption Integration Options

We recommend following the 'Redeeming with your own coupon system' guide, it will make your redemption experience more smooth and secure.

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