Redeem with coupon system

Couponing plays a significant role in the growth of modern e-commerce by helping to attract new customers and build customer loyalty, and drive traffic and engagement.

In this guide, we will explore various scenarios and examples of Integrating couponing system with Gameball. The integration will differ according to your infrastructure.

If your system is build using popular CMS like Wordpress, Wix, etc... most probably it will have a existing and built-in coupon system or plugins for creating and managing your coupons and you will integrate this built-in system with Gameball directly without much effort. However, if your website is built in-house without using CMS or you want to build your own coupon system, you will need to follow slightly different configuration steps than the CMS example.

In this guide, we will navigate the steps needed to configure Gameball with your coupon API or your coupon system, we will use both terms interchangeably.

If you already have an API or system that create coupons for your customer, we need to know information(configurations) about this endpoint, so Gameball can create coupon at your endpoint, for example an e-commerce CMS like WooCommerce has an endpoint for creating coupons and we show example of integrating it with Gameball.

Let's explain how the integration with your coupon system works on a bit lower VIP tier.

The Initiate Redeem Request is triggered by your customer when he simply tries to create a new coupon in exchange of redeeming his points. This request is sent to Gameball Backend, which builds an HTTP request and send it to your coupon system endpoint. The HTTP request query parameters and payload, etc.. is defined by you in your coupon configurations section in dashboard. For example, the destination where the request will be send to is the endpoint responsible for creating coupon(s) in your coupon system i.e: /app-api/v3/coupon/create. In a nutshell, Gameball want to send request to your endpoint that creates coupon for your customers, let it be custom one created by your team or through e-commerce coupon system like Woocommerce example.

There are two main guides you need to follow to complete the coupon system Integration with Gameball

  1. Integrate your coupon system guide: add your coupon system configurations based on your implementation details, each implementation case will have a different example in the coupon system guide.

  2. Building couponing experience guide: display the UI of the coupons, if you are using the Gameball widget, the UI that triggers the initiate redeem request flow will be rendered automatically, so you can ignore this step, else will you have to create the custom UI responsible for triggering that flow.

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