Build couponing experience

This guide will help you decide on the best approach for building a UI for your coupon experience, once you have successfully completed the configuration of your coupon system. Once you have completed this guide, your system will have a UI component that displays the coupons created by Gameball for your players, as well as a UI component that allows players to redeem their points and create coupons.

There are two options currently supported by Gameball in case you want to build your UI in general and each option depends on your needs and goals.

In case you want to use Gameball widget where everything is taken care of and redemption UI experience is rendered automatically for you, then Gameball Widget is your go-to solution. However, it only offers limited customization options, such as background color and text color, etc..

If you want to build your own UI which will helps you to maintain your branding, look-and-feel, most importantly control you user experience and how they navigate your system rewarding experience.

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