Build custom experience

In this guide, you will learn how to create a custom UI components to list, create and add players coupons in their orders when checking out. For example, your player just completed an order and won 2000 points, your player wants to view his current points balance, after viewing his current points balance, he decided to redeem all his 2000 points, based on this redemption a new coupon will be created, your player should see all his available coupon(s), your system should have a UI component that list all your players coupons, so he can copy his coupon code from this component, and use this coupon code at checkout page to apply the discount on his order.

What you will learn

After you've finished this guide, you'll have build the following UI components that does the following :

The UI displayed in each section is just an example, feel free to display this data in any design you would like.

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