What's New in V3.0

Breaking Changes

Holding points

Holding points before redeem is now optional.

Transactions API will be flexible to accept redeeming points with or without a hold reference. This will allow integrators to pick the best integration sequence that fits their system flow.

Removed Hashing

Hashing is no longer required for sensitive APIs like transactions & player's information. Gameball now uses two keys for authentication:

  • Web Key (Public Key) : used for non sensitive APIs and initialization of Widget

  • Secret\transactions Key: used to authenticate sensitive API calls.

New Features

New batch interfaces 👑

New batch interface is created to allow GURU customers to execute batches via API. The batch interfaces will support batches for:

  • Reward

  • Redeem

  • Manual Transaction

  • Balance Retrieval

New Endpoints

Order API Endpoint

New Orders API is created to support e-commerce clients to track their orders. This API supports sending an event for placing the order, reward for paid amount and redeem point. It also accepts guest orders for analytical purposes

Mark Notifications API Endpoint

New notifications API endpoint is introduced that enables systems to mark notifications as read.

Updated Endpoints

Removed Referral API

Referrer code can be sent within the create player API without the need of the old API dedicated for the referral case.

Custom UI APIs for GURU customers

New APIs are now available and updated to better suit different businesses, also specially designed for our GURU customers to support them in building their custom UIs. There APIs are as follows:

New Mobile SDKs Versions

We have released new versions of our mobile SDKs to leverage the power of the new V3 APIs. These upgraded SDK versions incorporate the latest best practices, resulting in accelerated performance and seamless functionality for your mobile apps.

The following list provides more details about the new SDKs

PlatformPackage NameMin. version supporting V3







React Native






New API documentation structure

Better API documentation including changes in structure and organization. It also includes new tutorials and walkthrough sections as follows:

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