Integrate Redeemption
Enable your players to redeem their rewarded points
Through Gameball, you can allow your players to redeem and use their collected points as discounts while placing new orders on your website.
Points redeemption can be done with order placement using server side Order API which is a tailored API to support e-commerce platforms. A pre-step to redeemption can be querying the players points balance via Player Points Balance API to check if there is sufficient balance or not, or if you want to show it to your player on your web or app UI.
In case you want your player to redeem points from their balance in a senarios other than e-commerce order placement. You can use Redeem API or Action API based on your use case.
For more information about redeemption and use case examples, check checkout integration example tutorial and wallet points redeemption​ tutorial
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