Show Gameball Player Profile
Show your players's profile including all details and progress on your Android app.
Using the SDK, you can open the Gameball player profile from a button in your app, programmatically when someone does something, or from a persistent button that sits over your appโ€™s UI.
When you trigger the Gameball player profile, your player is presented with a home screen. This is configurable inside Gameball to change how it looks and whatโ€™s presented.
From there, your player can check his progress across different Gameball programs as per your configurations.
To show the Gameball player profile that contains the user details, user challenges, and the leaderboard use showProfile SDK method.
showProfile(AppCompatActivity activity, @Nullable String playerUniqueId)
It takes as a parameter the activity of the fragment you are calling the method from, it will show an activity of Gameball interface.
Use showProfile as a parameter to collect the activity or the fragment you are going to show the profile in. Just create a button and call this method in the onClick method of this button.
Change Profile Widget language
changeLanguage(String language)
Use changeLaguage SDK method to change the widget language.The language provided should be as per configured languages in your account. If not provided the Gameball profile widget will be shown with your account default language
Example: "en", "fr".
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