Use CocoaPods to setup the Gameball pod in the best way for your use-case.

Add Cocoapods to Your Project

If your project is using CocoaPods, skip to the next part of this article, Add Gameball Pod.

  • Open the terminal window

  • Navigate to the root folder of your Xcode project

  • Run the following command in terminal

$ pod init
  • Close Xcode if open then open your project’s newly created .xcworkspace

  • Your project is now using CocoaPods to install dependencies

Add Gameball Pod

  • Add the code below in your Podfile which was created by CocoaPods

target 'YourAppName' do
           pod 'GameBallSDK',
  • Navigate to your project’s root folder in a terminal window

  • Run the command below in terminal

$ pod install
  • Gameball will install several Pods that it has as dependencies.

When the Pod command finishes execution, you will have Gameball installed and ready to use.

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