Getting Started with Gameball

This article gives you a brief on Gameball features, benefits, and documentation guidelines. You can also find supported platforms here.

Gameball is a growth management platform that delivers engagement features across your entire sales funnel, starting from acquisition to activation and retention. Instead of spending hours in creating and building loyalty and gamification experience on your app, Gameball offers a ready-made widget giving you more time to focus on customizing and designing the experience.

Gameball Docs is where you can find all the resources you need to start integrating our engagement, rewards, and retention experience to your customer. These resources should take you through our fast and easy integration guide with little effort. You will find all needed resources on APIs and mobile integration SDKs.

Jump to any article you need to check through the sidebar on your left-hand side. You can also navigate to our ordered articles through the forward and backward buttons below.

You can customize your customers' rewards and points experience through Gameball Dashboard. To learn more about the following features check our Gameball Help Center.

Supported Platforms

Gameball supports multiple integration with the following platforms through APIs and SDKs. To get started with any of them, just click on one of the relevant links below:

It is advised to check Integrate Gameball with your website/app section in Gameball Help Center before getting started here.

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