Push Notifications on Android

Using Firebase, you can easily configure Gameball in-app notification and messages on your Android app.

Gameball uses Firebase to deliver maximum experience in your app. This includes push notifications, interactive in-app messaging, and referrals support.

Configure Gameball With Your Firebase

Before you start, you must configure your Firebase on your Gameball account. Follow the steps in Configure your Firebase account on Gameball for mobile push notifications article from our Help Center related to push notifications.

Handling Push Notifications Integration

Add the following code line to the first line of the onMessageReceived method in your FirebaseMessagingService class.

public void onMessageReceived(RemoteMessage remoteMessage) {
if (GameBallApp.getInstance(this).isGameBallNotification(remoteMessage))
/*Your code here*/

Your users can now receive push notifications from Gameball.

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