Gameball for Web

This section explains how to integrate Gameball Widget to your website.

By going through the next article you will learn how to add the code snippet to your website. You will also find information on how to send user profile data so we can use it for their Gamball experience.

Before you start the integration, you need to have your API Key and Transaction Key through your Gameball account. Read about how can you get your account integration details? (API Key & Transaction Key).

In order to complete the integration with Gameball and use all our system features and capabilities, you will need to complete the below steps:

Add Gameball player profile to your website to let your players (customers) get more details about your Gameball loyalty program. Also, this will allow Gameball to send in-app notifications and messages to your website visitors.

Step 2: Send Players Events to Gameball

Start sending your players' (customers) events on your website to Gameball to reward them or send in-app messages based on these events.

Step 3: Send Players Paid Amounts for Cashback Program

Start sending your players' (customers) orders paid amounts on your website to start the cashback program through Gameball.

Step 4: Configure Friends Referral

Integrate the friends referral module with your website to start rewarding your players upon every successful friend referral.

Step 5: Enable Points Redemption on Your Web App

Allow your customers to redeem Gameball points on your website.

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