Integrate Referral Module

Configure the referral module on your website. This module allow users or players to refer others with a referral link and gain points.

Referrals are important to incentify your users or players to recommend your website to their friends and network. Below are some guidelines on how our Gameball referral module works on your website.

If you are not going to use Gameball referral program, skip this article.

  • Add your website URL on Gameball dashboard. Click here to learn more

  • Gameball module automatically adds a query string to your website link

  • A unique referral code is automatically generated for every player which will be included in the query string

  • Every player will be able to find the unique URL on the referral tab inside Gameball player profile widget

This is an example of how the final URL will look like:

Check this article to learn how to the referal module will appear in your players' profile on Gameball widget.

Integration Details

Your players will be able to share their unique referral URL with their networks. Once their friends or network click the referral URL, the following actions should happen:

  1. You should track guests trying to access the registration URL you inserted earlier along with the query string

  2. After guests finish registration successfully on your website through the referral URL and become users, send the unique referral code of the referrer included in the query string to Gameball through Gameball Referrals API

  3. Gameball will complete the referral cycle according to the referral reward rules configured on your Gameball dashboard!

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