Points Redemption

Enable your players (customers) to redeem their Gameball Points and apply discounts while placing new orders on your website

Through Gameball, you can allow your players to redeem and use their collected points as discounts while placing new orders on your website.

Enable points redemption on your website

Configure the redemption equation on Gameball Admin Dashboard. Read about Points Configuration

Points redemption status must be Active.

Follow the below steps to complete points transaction:

  1. You can get the current player balance to check if there is sufficient balance or not, or if you want to show it to your player on your website through Player Points Balance API

  2. Start a points hold request through Hold Points API This API will hold the requested amount for 10 minutes until your player completes the payment process on your web app using any other payment method in case it will be a partial payment using points

  3. Order is placed and paid successfully on your website

  4. Totally redeem the held points from the player balance through Redeem Points API

Important operations to consider

A. Reverse Transaction

Sometimes, you will need to cancel a cashback transaction or to refund the redeemed points transaction, follow the below steps:

  1. While you are creating a payment reward or points redemption transaction, you will store the original transaction ID of your system on Gameball

  2. You can reverse the cashback reward/points redemption transactions through Reverse Points Transactions API

B. Reverse Hold Transaction

You might need to reverse the held points during the 10 mins hold time. Follow the below steps:

  1. While holding points, a hold reference ID will be created for this hold transaction

  2. You can reverse the held points through Reverse Hold Transaction API

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