Send Players Events

Start sending your players' (customers) events on your website to Gameball to reward them or send in-app messages based on these events.


An event is a data point that represents an interaction between a player (customer) and your product. Events can be a wide range of interactions. For example, every time a player (customer) views a product page on your e-commerce website or purchases a coffee from your café app, these actions can be considered as events that can be sent to Gameball.

Event Metadata

Metadata are properties that help you define the specifics of an Event.

As the name suggests, Event Metadata describes an event. For a coffee purchase, the event would be Purchase and the event metadata could be Item Type (in this case a Coffee) or Item Price (in this case $2.50), and so on.

Sending Events to Gameball

You can reward your players based on the events they do on your platform and based on the metadata of these events as well. Also, events can be used to send in-app messages and other actions.

For example:

  • Give a reward through challenges program when they purchase a coffee 3 times.

  • Give a reward through challenges program when they place orders worth of $100 or greater.

  • Send an in-app message when they view a product page from the electronics category.

In order to end your players' events to Gameball, use Event API.

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